Amy’s Alkaline Planet’s Mission: We are dedicated to helping Women take back the reins on their health by living more consciously so they can become their happiest, healthiest self. When you’re happier and healthier life begins to get better and it is my mission to help you do everything to help you achieve this in every moment. 

A significant part of being healthy comes from eating nutrient dense foods right? Well…another significant part of what health looks like is what you’re thinking, saying and believing about yourself. You see, emotions carry a negative and positive vibration just like unhealthy and healthy foods. It all goes hand-in-hand. If you eat an amazing nutrient rich diet, exercise everyday and do all the right things we know to be healthy but you’re still not seeing or feeling the results you so greatly desire. It’s time to look at the bigger picture. If we are just focusing on eating healthy but our mental, emotional and spiritual is suffering we can’t truly be living an authentic healthy lifestyle. The key is to bring everything into harmony by addressing emotional, mental and spiritual needs to create optimal balance within your body and life.

There is no one diet that fixes it all or can possibly work for all because we all have unique needs, tastes and physiology which means our needs will be different and what’s healthy for one person may not be healthy for you. 

Say GOODBYE to Fad-Diets, Counting Calories and Macro’s, Processed Genetically Modified Food and a Lifestyle that isn’t promoting a true healing response within your body and life. True healing takes time, yes but if you’re invested you will be rewarded immensely in the end. 

Say HELLO, to a life that needs no escaping from, free yourself of food addiction and eating disorders,  liberate yourself by eating whole ingredients and take out the guess work of what foods you should and shouldn’t have. Food is meant to be enjoyed, savored and to be experienced in the most delightful of ways…let me show you what that looks like!


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